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As a child, Iclaudius was deeply mesmerised by his mother's pictures of his family's journeys around the world. The way images could be captured and projected, the longing for adventure and travel instilled by those images, and the power of aesthetics and the deeper stories behind these images will stay with him for life.


It's this depth of passion that he brings to work that makes him one of the most sought after directors in the business. His drive is relentless, unforgiving, often misunderstood and unwaveringly determined. His obsession with film has moulded him into becoming a more intuitive, intelligent, stylish, and thought provoking director.

Iclaudius is a traveler, a discoverer and some have even dubbed him the celluloid chef with a cosmic cookbook, constantly adding spice to vision.

Iclaudius is based in Bali, Indonesia.

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